The Built World Episode 05: Play
We are lucky to get a tour of the stunning Zaha Hadid & Related building at 520 W. 28th street by the developer himself, Greg Gushee. Greg shares his passion project within this incredible building known as Sandbox by Related. This highly unusual and innovative space is a rare amenity to the residents of 520 W. 28th and its greater community, inviting children and adults alike to come into the space and create. From 3D printers, DIY rocket building, VR gaming to a full on derby racetrack, this s

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Reduce Your Taxable Income Through Smart Investing
There is no time like the present. Many taxpayers are not aware there are tax code provisions enabling the reduction and mitigation of annual income and capital gains tax. In fact, there are incentives to convert what would have been income tax into a growth-oriented investment. In this one hour program we share an introduction of information that may help you plan potential acquisitions and dispositions while incorporating strategic tax efficiency.

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In this episode of Commercial Real Estate Talk with Steve and Arnie, our hosts interview Chuck Hershson "Uncle Chuck", President & Founder of Fidelity Mortgage Lenders, the commercial real estate lending firm. In this in depth and very educational interview conversation, Chuck discusses his: start in the commercial real estate lending business, how his business has evolved over 50 years; his major successes and memorable failures and how he has learned from them; his thoughts on the different

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Coffee Break, Ashley Cassel Byrd Episode 2
On episode 2 of this week's #CoffeeBreak, #analytics take center stage as our #TW #Houston Healthcare team delves into data for a deeper understanding of healthcare trends to inform real estate recommendations. #RealEstate #CommercialRealEstate #MedicalOffice #healthcare
Coffee Break: Ashley Cassel Byrd, Episode 1
Understanding both the tenant and patient experience is key to the success of medical office. West Medical One provides physicians forward-thinking amenities and versatile spaces that build synergy and community, while visitors enjoy a facility that is comfortable and convenient to navigate. SVP Ashley Cassel Byrd shares how the vision came to life in our latest #CoffeeBreak. #RealEstate #Houston #MedicalOffice #Healthcare
[CLIC] Connect with Daniel Lesser Season 9 Episode 5
[CLIC] is the only Hotel Conference that focuses on the California Hotel Market and [CLIC] Connect is our official interview show. Joining the conversation today is Daniel Lessler of LW Hospitality Advisors and we are discussing CMBS Loans Coming Due, Ability to Re-Fi Your Hotel and is it a good time to sell your select service or full service hotels???? Please tour our website and sign up for the 7th Annual California Lodging Investment Conference on March 6-7, 2024 at The Westin South Coast
In this episode of Net Lease TV Chris interviews Jeff Thornton of Build Central at ICSC San Diego which took place around Oct 26, 2023. Build Central is an online application that can tell you who is developing a 7-Elevens, Walgreens, CVS's, Dollar Generals in the United States utilizing web scraping. Jeff takes Chris through a case study of the Build Central application showing Chris some up coming 7-Eleven Developments. Mention you learned about Build Central Application on Net Lease

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RENTV CRE Talk Episode #5 Barry DiRaimondo
In this episode of Commercial Real Estate Talk with Steve and Arnie, our hosts interview Barry DiRaimondo, Co-Founder and CEO of SteelWave, the real estate firm with major investments in creative office, creative industrial and life science properties around the Western US. In this wide-ranging and very interesting conversation, Barry discusses his: start in the commercial real estate business; his first major deals; stories about deals that weren't so great, new projects such as The Press In Co
Commercial Real Estate Talk, Episode #1 - Bill Shopoff
In this first episode of Commercial Real Estate Talk with Steve and Arnie, our hosts interview Bill Shopoff, President and CEO of Shopoff Realty Investments, which is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. In this wide-ranging and very interesting conversation, Bill discusses his: start in the commercial real estate business; first major deals; new $550 million hotel project called The Dream Hotel, on the Las Vegas Strip, which recently broke ground; thoughts on the office sector and his portfolio ar
All Work and No Play? NO WAY!
Watch as DMGs owners Charles and Angela Todd give us an inside look from LA to SD, what their Client's expectations are, and how they navigate on the job. More importantly, how much DMG enjoys working with their Clientele. Special thanks to DMG's amazing Clients: Frank Lahijani of Global Commercial Real Estate (LA) and Peter Wright from QualityFirst Commercial (SD). DMGs Expedient Due Diligence Services: ALTA Surveys Building Inspections / Property Condition Assessments Phase I, an
1031 Exchange Explained: 45 Day Rule Checklist
Looking to invest in real estate and want the 1031 exchange explained? Make sure you understand the 1031 exchange rule with this free 45 day rule checklist! The 1031 exchange rule is a complicated but important process for investors. This checklist will make sure you understand the basics and are able to take advantage of this tax break. ~~~~ Get the 45 Day Checklist here: ~~~~ When it comes to 1031 exchanges explained, there's one strategy that is

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The Multifamily Panel at RENTV's Greater LA State of the Market Conference
This video is the outstanding MULTIFAMILY PANEL at RENTV's GREATER LOS ANGELES STATE OF THE MARKET CONFERENCE on Thursday, August 17th, 2023. These panelists - developers, investors and a top investment broker - provided valuable insight into the apartment sector throughout the Greater LA markets. Key topics included; leasing issues and where rents are headed throughout Greater LA; differences in rents throughout the region; investment sale velocity and values in light of rising interest r
The Finance Panel at RENTV's Greater LA State of the Market Conference
Amidst the ongoing increases in interest rates and the slowdown in deal velocity, it was extremely informative to hear the lending veterans on the FINANCE PANEL at RENTV's GREATER LOS ANGELES STATE OF THE MARKET CONFERENCE on Thursday, August 17th, produced in conjunction with All Star Group. These panelists provided valuable insights about the financing landscape, the types of deals that are getting done, and how obstacles are being overcome. The panel was comprised of: Fred Ornelas, Regiona
Coffee Break: Level Up Panel (EP.2)
In part 2 of our client panel led by Transwestern’s Chip Clarke, Tom Paterson and Spence Sowa shed light on the untapped potential within the #office sector despite changes in the #workplace. Watch here: #realestate #CRE #leadership #insights
Coffee Break: Level Up Client Panel (Ep. 1)
Western U.S. President Chip Clarke tapped the wisdom of industry experts during our #BrokerageFoundations client panel! Watch our latest #CoffeeBreak for advice on how to advance your career. #realestate #CRE #leadership #advice #levelup