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Coastal Multifamily Market Update
Dan Blackwell and Mike O'Neill are in Newport Beach to discuss the latest multifamily updates within the coastal Southern California market. If you're in the market to buy or sell a multifamily property, contact our team Dan Blackwell +1 949 423 6111 Lic. 01854961 ⬇️ EXCLUSIVE INDUSTRY NEWS ⬇️ // AVAILABLE LISTINGS: // WATCH THESE NEXT 🔗 Loan Assumption - What You

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0:07 / 19:26 Retail Real Estate: Performance & Market Dynamics with MSCI
Jim Costello, Executive Director of MSCI Research, joins Michael Bull to discuss the current state of retail real estate. Topics include insights on performance, cap rates, sales velocity, new supply, and how rising interest rates are affecting the sector. Whether you're an investor, developer, or just keen on the retail market, this episode offers a comprehensive look into the dynamics of retail real estate. #commercialrealestate #retail #investing Apple Podcasts:

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Real Estate Education - Georgia State University
Lynn McKee, Director of M.S. in Commercial Real Estate, and Matt Delicata, Lecturer at Georgia State University's Robinson School of Business, join Michael Bull to discuss the benefits of a real estate education, including degree and program options.
Self-Storage Real Estate Update with Moody's Analytics
Is the self-storage real estate market still going strong in 2024? Ermengarde Jabir, PhD, with Moody's Analytics joins Michael Bull to share the latest performance and forecasts. Discussions include rates, occupancy, new supply, and the economic factors expected to impact the sector. Whether you're an investor, developer, or simply curious about the self-storage market, this episode offers valuable perspectives on navigating the cycles of commercial real estate. #commercialrealestate #selfstorag
The Advantages of having Media & Journalist Relationships
Watch Now to Learn the differences between reporters and journalists and how establishing relationships with both can be an advantage for your business and your industry news. Maximize your reach!
Net Lease TV 101 A - Algebra 1:1 Refinance Plus Est Cost
In this video feed Chris Marabella discusses several commercial real estate owners issues with maturing loans with increased rate range as of late. He uses Algebriac formula to determine the amortization and estimated rate to refinance one to one with estimated cost. At current rates some owners are required to do cash in refinances for maturing Net Lease loans that were done when rates were 2.50% to 5.50%. If you have a loan maturing and would like Chris to analyze your Net Lease transacti

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PwC's Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2024
Highlights from the 45th edition of PwC and ULI's Real Estate Outlook Survey of industry participants on investments, capital markets, development, property sectors, top markets, and the economic factors impacting the real estate market. Discussions include expectations on property values, interest rates, inflation, performance, and opportunities moving forward.
1031 Exchange Explained: 45 Day Rule Checklist
Looking to invest in real estate and want the 1031 exchange explained? Make sure you understand the 1031 exchange rule with this free 45 day rule checklist! The 1031 exchange rule is a complicated but important process for investors. This checklist will make sure you understand the basics and are able to take advantage of this tax break. ~~~~ Get the 45 Day Checklist here: ~~~~ When it comes to 1031 exchanges explained, there's one strategy that is
RENTV CRE Talk Episode #5 Barry DiRaimondo
In this episode of Commercial Real Estate Talk with Steve and Arnie, our hosts interview Barry DiRaimondo, Co-Founder and CEO of SteelWave, the real estate firm with major investments in creative office, creative industrial and life science properties around the Western US. In this wide-ranging and very interesting conversation, Barry discusses his: start in the commercial real estate business; his first major deals; stories about deals that weren't so great, new projects such as The Press In Co
Dunwoody Village | a Fresh Look™ Story
A brief oral history of the efforts that turned a traditional shopping center into a community hub and social destination. Listen as the individuals responsible describe the challenges and present the creative collaboration and problem-solving required to transform Dunwoody Village into a downtown for Dunwoody.

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Recap on RENTV's Orange County State of the Market
Dan recently spoke on RENTV's Orange County State of The Market panel. In this video, he recaps what was discussed including supply & demand, rents and year-over-year transaction volume. Dan Blackwell +1 949 423 6111 Lic. 01854961 ⬇️ EXCLUSIVE INDUSTRY NEWS ⬇️ // AVAILABLE LISTINGS: // WATCH THESE NEXT 🔗 Loan Assumption - What You Need To Know Before Assuming a Loan:
Let's Meet at ICSC Las Vegas - Construction Financing for Net Lease
Chris Marabella will be attending the ICSC Las Vegas event from Saturday, May 18th through Wednesday May 22nd, 2024. To schedule a meeting with Chris near the 7-Eleven Booth in Lower South Hall click on the link below; To Call / Text or email Chris you can do so at (760) 803-6464 and his email is Transcript
CRELC - April 18 in Long Beach
Learn more about the Commercial Real Estate and Lending Conference in the interview Arnie Garfinkel did with Craig Sullivan.
Southern California Commercial Real Estate Conference
Craig Sullivan interviews Arnie Garfinkel about his upc0ming conference on April 18th, 2024 at The Westin Long Beach, CA. join us register at use promo code CLIC7 for a discount.......