Harrods Luxury Dept Store London England - Net Lease TV With Chris Marabella


Video added by Net Lease TV | Date Uploaded: October 10, 2021 | Date Created: September 28, 2021


In this video feed Chris Marabella rides the Tube in London England to Visit the Leading Luxury Department Store in the World Harrods. Chris tours the fragrance department and tries some fruit and a cappuccino / croissant in the food hall while at Harrods. We hope you enjoy this episode of Net Lease TV. For additional ideas for future Net Lease TV Episodes contact Chris Marabella via email or phone at nnn@marabellafinance.com and Cell (760) 803-6464. To Subscribe / Become a Patron to Net Lease TV click on the link below; https://www.marabellafinance.com/net-lease-tv-video-feed/

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